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1936 - Mallory is the captain of a tramp ship. Up to his eyes in hock he takes his ship 'Aspatria' anywhere he can to make a quick buck. Crewed by reprobates like Macpherson the homicidal Gorbals bosun, Auntie Joan the transvestite third engineer and "Fingers" Nestorowicz the digit-deprived Polish cook in carpet slippers, the ship oil slicks its way around the salubrious coasts of the world, getting into one hilarious scrape after another. Join our gallant captain and his sea mongrels for a ripping yarn of adventure and romance on the high seas.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

X-Ray Specs - Post#12

Amazon Kindle have just upgraded their reading 'app' which can be used with their own Kindle readers and tablets to include the new 'X-Ray' feature.

X-Ray is where additional information can be provided about a book while you are reading it. There is a separate X-Ray tab on the Kindle reader page and when you tap it, it provides further details about characters and places in the plot.

Unfortunately, they are only offering it on around 2% of their e-books and these tend to be the best selling ones.

Having tried it out, I find it slightly lacking.

Instead of the authors providing the information, Amazon are using clever software to analyse the content and then link to Wikipedia and Shelfari, Amazon's community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. In my humble opinion, this makes X-Ray seem a little clinical and disjointed and the warmth of the book isn't communicated properly.

However, it has given me an idea.

I will provide my own version of X-Ray on this blog. It will cover the main characters in the first book, 'The Pull of The Tide' and provide additional character bio's to enhance and illustrate the plot. It will also be available to those Kindle book fans who won't have access to the X-Ray information from Amazon.

Watch out for the first Ex-Ray post !! 

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